Our company handles both exports and imports of goods at a global level, providing door-to-door air transport services.

We provide our customers with consultancy and support  to ensure that they are able to choose the most appropriate Solution, considering the costs and the delivery time.

Having awareness of each customer’s unique needs, we are always able to adapt our transport Solutions, as well as the prices quoted, in order to meet specific requirements.

Due to our excellent relationships with airlines and to the full range of air transport services we are able to provide, we can respond to air transport requirements in an efficient and economic way.

We provide the following air transport services:

  • NFO

  • Freight consolidation

  • Aircharter

  • On Board Courier

  • NFO (Next flight out) – worldwide door to door solution with  48 /72 hours transit time to main airports, fast custom clearance and real time status updates;
  • Freight consolidation (export/import) to Europe, USA, India, Far East;
  • Aircharter – dedicated solution for heavy  time sensitive goods , available for main worldwide airports;
  • On Board Courier – one of the fastest/safest transport services recommended for sensitive, time critical or high value goods. Custom clearance upon request, real time status on each operation also provided , solution available worldwide.

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